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Your brain becomes focused on processing the words in the song rather than what you’re studying. It makes sense that your sound and language centers would activate while listening to podcasts, but even your motor and sensory processing centers can activate while listening to podcasts. Back in the day, radio shows were mainly listened to in the car, and radio show creators were aware of this. This impacted how they created their shows because they knew people had to maintain their attention on the road.

podcasts while working

There’s a reason My Favorite Murder consistently ranks among the top podcasts. Entertainment podcasts can especially be great for focus work, while educational podcasts can be ideal for accomplishing mindless tasks. For many, business podcasts can help provide a dose of inspiration. No matter what you’re in the mood for, below are some of our favorites. Whether podcasts can actually help improve focus appears to be subjective and depends on the task at hand.

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Podcasts allow employees and employers to use time more efficiently by enabling access to different scenarios. A private company podcast can help the organization to share the news widely and enable employees to use their time effectively while creating an efficient workforce. To create eye-opening shifts in the way you work, where you focus your energy, and what you have to do to make your next big move — curate a list of episodes and schedule some time to listen in. The Peter Attia Drive is a deep-dive podcast focusing on maximizing longevity and everything to do with physical, cognitive, and emotional health. With over 40 million episodes downloaded, it features topics including fasting, ketosis, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, mental health, and much more.

Podcasts stimulate mental imagery and force listeners to build the pictures in their minds using their imagination. It is better than reading or watching with the quality of encouraging to pay more attention. That is why most people feel more productive while listening to podcasts at work and feel their creative juices flowing. While reading this list of best podcasts for remote workers, you likely felt drawn to one in particular. You just might find that piece of advice that helps you launch your online business or boost your on-the-job productivity.

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Thinking about the nature behind radio shows will help you understand why you really shouldn’t listen to https://remotemode.net/. Podcasts are distracting, and it’s the same idea as to why you wouldn’t watch TV while you work, even though podcasts require a lot less visual stimulation. A lot of people falsely believe that they can maintain focus while they listen to a source of entertainment. Many people believe that because podcasts don’t require you to watch something, it shouldn’t affect overall productivity. However, because podcasts don’t require you to watch something, it forces you to pay more attention to the audio.

podcasts while working

Sometimes, a good work-from-home podcast is one with funny people who are also working from home. How Long Gone provides “High Level Cultural Commentary” at least three times per week, which basically just amounts to hosts Chris Black and Jason Stewart shooting the shit for an hour or so. They often have interesting guests, too — media types with atypical remote work podcasts angles on popular culture. Music is often helpful, and television is certainly too distracting, but sometimes the best thing to help accelerate your workday and focus is listening to a new podcasts. Here are some of our favorite podcasts that cover everything from motivation, to new information, and even sometimes the best kind of distraction.

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