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What you should know about uniform and want
July 11, 2024
Enjoy the many benefits of a lesbian sugar mama relationship on our dating app
July 11, 2024
What you should know about uniform and want
July 11, 2024
Enjoy the many benefits of a lesbian sugar mama relationship on our dating app
July 11, 2024

Michelle Alexander and her fianceé interviewed about hooking up online

Michelle Alexander, 40 and Teresa Dowell-Vest, 42 — Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post

On Monday, Summer 8,

The Arizona Post

presented a story about couples which effectively fulfill on the web. A lot more especially, just how cost-free online networks like twitter and Twitter became brand new matchmaker. One of many couples showcased was


‘s own Michelle Alexander along with her fianceé Teresa Dowell-Vest.

“[the content] offered substance and substance for other people to obtain really love; where it comes despite time or distance or perhaps the ‘shame’ that other individuals try to provide you with for meeting on line. There was a time if it was actually unusual to get to know some one internet based, now its just a dating standard,” Alexander claims.

Alexander opens about satisfying her fianceé on the internet, their own general public flirting on Facebook, and their offer. The woman candid interview gives readers a glimpse of her vibrant individuality, along with her love for the woman soon-to-be partner.

“In a very white, hetero-centered wedding ceremony market, it was great is an interracial lesbian pair that was maybe not referenced as an interracial lesbian couple,” claims Alexander. “Media, while trying to end up being inclusive, can categorize. We had beenn’t the lesbians in story, we had been merely Teresa and Michelle.”

Alexander and Dowell-Vest will formally end up being getting married Saturday, Summer 14. We want all of them the best of chance, and appear toward a lot more posts about really love!

Check the full

Arizona Post

by Michael S. Rosenwald.


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